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Château Gort Bed & Breakfast
80, rue des Pêcheurs
33240 Asques

Prices and room information

Room prices depend on the season:

  • High season: 1 May – 30 September
  • Low season: 1 October – 30 April

Prices are based on double occupancy. Aside from two adults, you may add one child (up to 17 years of age) to your room. Costs for this are €40 per night (breakfast included). Kids up to 4 years stay for free. A maximum of one child is allowed per room.

A child’s cot is available on request.

In case of single occupancy you’ll receive a € 10 discount per night.

The minimum stay is 2 nights.

Included in the price of the room:

  • Daily cleaning of the room, three fresh towels daily, use of WIFI and a delicious breakfast.
  • Included too is a guided tour of Château Gort & Gort, to be booked for Monday through to Thursday at 4pm. Tours do not take place at weekends or during the harvest season.

Not included the room price:

  • Tourism tax is not included in the price. This obligatory tax is € 0,83 per person per night and is automatically added to your booking.

Bookings can be made exclusively via the website: www.chateaugort-bnb.com.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast can only accept bookings from persons over 18 years of age. The main guest too needs to be 18 years or older.

Reservation and confirmation

Rooms can be booked via the booking feature on the website www.chateaugort-bnb.com. The booking must be paid for during the booking procedure. Bookings cannot be confirmed until payment has been completed.

Available payment methods: iDeal, Paypal, credit card and Bancontact.

All payments are processed via payment platform Mollie.

Confirmation of your booking will be sent by return email.


Room payments happen during the booking procedure. Available payment methods: iDeal, Paypal, creditcard and Bancontact. In the case of additional costs, these are charged at the end of your stay (payment with card or cash).

The key deposit is €50 and is to be paid in cash upon receipt of your keys during check-in. Deposit will be returned to you when you hand your keys back during check-out.


Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is a small B&B, so it’s quite inconvenient for us when you cancel.

In case of cancellation we follow the refund policy detailed here:

  • 100% refund up to 4 weeks before planned arrival.
  • 50% refund up to 2 weeks before planned arrival.
  • No refund in case of cancellation within two weeks before planned arrival or in case of no-show.
  • If you have to leave early, we unfortunately cannot offer a refund either. We advise you to take out your own cancellation insurance.

From our side, Château Gort Bed & Breakfast can only cancel the booking agreement in the case of force majeure; such as natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, fires, death of the owner or his next of kin and hospitalisation.

Arrival and Departure

Check in is between 12 and 3pm. If you can’t make that and expect to arrive later, please email us at visite@chateaugort.fr to let us know and arrange something. After discussion with us it is possible to drop your things before check in.

Check out is by 11am. This means you will need to hand back the keys and receive your deposit back by 11am.

Upon arrival every guest above 15 years of age is requested to complete a Fiche d’Hôtel, an obligatory registration form issued by the French government. This form will request your name, date and place of birth, nationality and current address.

Key deposit

Upon arrival at Château Gort Bed & Breakfast you will receive 2 keys: the room key and the front door key. The guest pays a key deposit of €50, cash during check in. Upon departure you can return your keys to Meriam (or, in case of prior arrangement, at the Château) and your deposit will be returned to you. In case of loss or damage or not returning the key for whatever reason you will lose your deposit.

General rules of the house

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast has a couple of house rules:

  • If you mess up the place, and in a worst case scenario, we need to ask you to leave, we cannot refund the remainder of your stay.
  • Pets: for reasons of hygiene, pets are not permitted at Château Gort Bed & Breakfast.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire building and its grounds.
  • Noise: Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is situated in a quiet neighbourhood with lovely neighbours, please make sure you don’t make too much noise when you’re outside or around the B&B. After you have unloaded your luggage upon arrival, please reverse your car on the same drive to a parking space (so don’t keep going forward and round the corner).
  • Inside the B&B too; please keep the other guests in mind and keep noise to an acceptable level.
  • Bringing in visitors: not without prior discussion and only with permission from the B&B crew can you bring in visitors.
  • Don’t take any furniture or other items out of the rooms please.
  • Fire extinguishers and first aid kit are available.
  • Sustainability: we at Château Gort Bed & Breakfast love nature and try our hardest to limit our impact on the planet. We recycle glass, paper, tins and recyclable plastic, which all go in their own containers. Please support our efforts! Fruit and veg are composted in our wormery.
  • We try and reduce our waste and water pollution by not replacing bedding and towels on a daily basis.
  • Access: Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is accessible 24/7 during your stay. If you’re not in the immediate vicinity of the B&B please make sure doors and windows are closed and locked. The insurance does not cover damages in case of theft.
  • Possessions of Château Gort Bed & Breakfast that are lost or damaged through your fault, will need to be paid for by you.
  • Parking: you can unload your luggage at the front door. But you can’t park there, you can park on the road. Parking at your own risk.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is not liable for accidents, thefts or damages on the premises unless these are a direct result of a fault or shortfall of Château Gort Bed & Breakfast.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast does not accept responsibility for consequences of extreme weather or other events of ‘force majeure’.

The tenant and their companions are liable for any loss or damages that arises for Château Gort Bed & Breakfast as a direct or indirect result of their stay.

As a guest of Château Gort Bed & Breakfast you are yourself responsible for the safety of the children in your company. This goes for inside the B&B but also in its grounds, the garden and the terrace.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is obliged to take appropriate action against guests, who have been reported by other guests as to be the cause of nuisance or disturbance.

Privacy and data protection

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is responsible for the processing of personal data as declared in our privacy agreement (cliquez ici).


Have you got a complaint? Please let Meriam know as soon as possible, she will do everything she can to resolve the issue.

*A copy of the terms and conditions is available from Meriam.

We wish you a fantastic stay at Château Gort Bed & Breakfast.

Klaas Gort & Meriam Last

Saint-Romain-La-Virvée/Asques, December 2021


Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is located a few kilometres from Château Gort & Gort of Ilja and Klaas Gort, in the dreamy fishing village of Asques on the banks of the Dordogne.