Privacy policy



Château Gort Bed & Breakfast, located: 8, rue du Pêcheurs, Asques, France is responsible for the processing of personal data as outlined in this privacy policy.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast records the following data from its guests: full name, phone number, email address and other data which we use to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast records this data for the following aims: contact in advance of your stay, and immediately after your stay, the sending of a newsletter.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast also holds and records personal data which we are legally obliged to process. The mandatory Fiche d’Hôtel (to be completed upon arrival with name, address, contact details and nationality) is kept by us for 6 months. We also keep records in order to comply with our tax liabilities.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast does not keep personal data for any longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and in order to be able to comply with our legal responsibilities. The Fiche d’Hôtel registration form is kept for 6 months, after which it is destroyed.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast will only supply information to third parties if this is necessary in the course of our contract with guests or in order to comply to a legal obligation.

Château Gort Bed & Breakfast takes the protection of your personal data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publication and involuntary changes of this data. If you are concerned that your data is not kept secure or there are any hints of misuse of data, please contact Château Gort Bed & Breakfast on

May 16, 2019


Château Gort Bed & Breakfast is located a few kilometres from Château Gort & Gort of Ilja and Klaas Gort, in the dreamy fishing village of Asques on the banks of the Dordogne.